Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I heart foreigners

So I've been going through all of my pictures from the past few years, and I've found some of my favorite pictures from times when I was abroad. Foreign people make me laugh...

Because in Rome, Italy - Orange Tic Tacs and Jagermeister go hand in hand...

And Italian Chinese people obviously think that Shrimps Cherish Nuts...who knew shrimps even had them?


Personally, if this were the poster teddy for Communism in the States, I would consider conversion.

These were wall drawings in an antique mint outside of Prague. Apparently, Paul Revere and militant chickens are very big in Czech culture.

Fish head + fish food + fish tail = whole fish

ATM in Vienna
Before taking money out... After taking money out...

Hard to see, but the Risotto was free. A Viennese delicacy.

No pigtails unless accompanied by an adult.

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  1. Iam glad I made the blog. I totally forgot how creepy that pig was. And the pigtails...thanks for making my morning!