Thursday, February 5, 2009

Birth Control : A daily pill smaller than a pinpoint or a laborious task comparable to synchronized swimming?

NuvaRing is a once monthly birth control, which employs the insertion of a flexible vaginal ring, unlike the atrocious, oral, once-daily, traditional Pill. This commercial equates the mundane, boring, and apparently exhausting, task of taking the Pill with synchronized swimming and contrastingly comparing NuvaRing with the liberating event of relaxing in a hot tub.

Synchronized swimming? The Pill? Hmm...

Since when did taking a daily birth control pill become a Herculean labor? I would understand if birth control pills were some elephantine, anal-insertion daily medicine, but the damn pill is approximately the size of the period at the end of this sentence.

And let's talk about these swimmers, clad in incredibly sexy swim wear from the 1930s with matching swim caps to boot! Women who wore these bathing suits at the height of its fashion lived in the time of petticoats and hoop skirts and stayed in a small dark closet once a month to avoid a visit from Aunt Flow (and Yellow Fever).

But don't worry - with NuvaRing, no more synchronized swimming with those lame yellow bathing suit girls. You can rip off the midsection of your bathing suit to resemble a 1960s bathing suit, throw off your swim cap, and relax in the hot tub because you've got something jammed up your cooter.

Oy vey. I'll stick with the Pill, thank you very much.

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