Friday, February 6, 2009

Doing What the Cool Kids Are Doing - 25 Random Facts...

Since everyone is doing the whole random 25 facts thing on Facebook, I decided I would just do it here...

These are random and in no numerical order of importance, etc...

1. My favorite book is Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I think it is fabulously written and I agree with Mrs. Rand's philosophical argument of objectivism. I wish that I could write in words what this books has done for me, but it would not do Ayn Rand nor the novel justice.

2. My ADD has an uncanny ability of spotting haircuts. I can even tell if someone got a hair cut when they're wearing a hat. I'm pretty sure that President Obama got a haircut a few days ago and showed it off for the first time at the televised acceptance of the nominated Head of Commerce, Judd Gregg. Unfortunately, I do not think I will ever be able to prove my theory, but I'm pretty sure I'm right.

3. I think the Shoal Creek Animal Clinic's logo is dirty. I just drove into Athens and passing by this clinic (next to 5 Star Day on the East Side), and I was reminded how sexual I think it is. To me, it looks like a cat giving it to a dog...

And yes, I did just find a picture of it on the internet to prove my point...

4. I judge you when you use improper grammar.

5. I think small people speaking a different language is funny and cute. Mainly children and not so much dwarfs. And British children count as speaking a different language.

6. I'm a Latin nerd through and through. I love pretty much everything about ancient Roman culture, and, in extension, Italy as a whole. I'm probably the worst person to ever go to a movie whose subject is based on anything ancient; I will point out the inaccuracies and I will drive you crazy. I thought Troy was the worst movie ever, and just the other day I realized that the statue of Marcus Aurelius in the movie Gladiator, is actually a status of Commodus dressed as Hercules. Again, I'm a nerd.

7. I like puns.

8. I think I'm pretty observant, and I like noticing things that I think others haven't noticed.

9. I will live in New York City someday. The cosmos is trying its hardest to make sure this doesn't happen, but it will. I promise.

10. "Seinfeld" is by far my favorite television show ever. In fact, I think Jerry Seinfeld is a God. I often wonder what I would say to him if we ever met. It would have to be something cool and witty. I haven't come up with anything yet, but I will before I move to New York and go to every Mets game hoping to "run" into him.

11. I don't have a favorite movie. Movies are my passion, so it's very hard to pick just one above the rest.

12. I know all the words to "Whoop! (There it is!)" by Tag Team and "Shoop" by Salt 'N Pepa. I think this makes me ghetto. Word to your mother.

13. I love traveling. I would do this for a living if I could. My favorite places that I've ever visited were Rome, Italy and my godparents house in France. It's boss.

14. If I had a super power it would definitely be telekinesis. I'm a lazy SOB.

15. I'm convinced I'm going to marry a British bloke.

16. The last movie I saw was Vals Im Bashir and I thought it was awesome. I highly recommend it.

17. I've added the words "domain" and "post" and "embedded image" to my daily lexicon since I'm a blogger now.

18. Cecelia's cakes in Athens are the best cakes in the world.

19. When I was little, my favorite word was "hanger." I was that cool.

20. I never liked cats until I adopted Kitty (her name is actually Millie, but she doesn't respond to anything really). She's the cutest kitty ever and I love her. My mom hates her. My dad likes her but is allergic. We never argue about her, I promise.
That's when Kitty was a baby kitten. She's bigger now. The vet told me that she was "big boned." Wicked burn for Kitty.

21. My ring tone is "Send Me On My Way" by Rusted Root.

22. I don't think a lot of people know how to use their brains anymore, think for themselves; and I think that's what's wrong with our world today, and the number one reason why we're going to fail as a civilization. Deep thought by Lauren...

23. I never really bought into the whole Astrological crap, but, now, I think I am a quintessential Sagittarius and 2009 will be my year because I was born in the year of the Ox.

24. I constantly think about names for my future children.

25. This is one of my favorite commercials. I think it's adorable...

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